Saturday, August 25, 2012

What A Summer It Has Been!

Hello world!
I feel like its been ages since I have been able to slow down enough to think about blogging! I know thats not much of an excuse for not writing but it's all I have.
I started my season camping with my Hamilton family at the War of the Roses which is an SCA event out in the East Kingdom. The weather was good and it was so nice getting to see friends I hadn't seen all through the long winter.
After that it was off to a weekend working at the NY Faerie Festival with the wonderful ladies at Moresca Clothing. Unlike the previous year the weather was absolutely lovely although perhaps a bit on the warm side. I was blessed to share my camp with some of the most wonderful and talented people! There was music and dancing, beautiful things for sale, and an atmosphere of joy everywhere you went.
After that is was off to another weekend with my Hamilton family. This time Thor thought he would try and get the better of us with a blustery, drenching thunderstorm. But we came through wet but unscathed and continued on our weekend of merriment!
I also got to work two weekends up at the Sterling Renaissance Fair which was a delight! I got to work at Miles Tonne Leather shop with a wonderful guy named Ian who continues his fathers legacy making some beautiful leather clothing. My first weekend there I tested out my "I can sleep in my Jeep" theory and the verdict was...I can indeed sleep in my Jeep! The second weekend Ian asked me if I could run the shop for him and I jumped at the chance! I had a great time working with a good friend of mine Rhiannon and despite it being a slower weekend we had a great time. Bonus points were that I got to sleep in the booth instead of the Jeep. I made some great new Faire friends as well which was a delight.
Then it was off to the big show...Pennsic. Pennsic is a two week long SCA camping event. This description doesn't do it justice because its more like a slice of heaven wrapped in garb but its the best I can come up with. After months of planning and logistics several thousand people converge on one campground to claim their land for the event, sleep in the cars, get up too early after drinking too much, and start setting up. The final head count at the event this year topped off somewhere around 10,500 people. Its a little city of people who are all there to play the same game.
Camp went up, the meal plan worked out, and life was good. I made a few new friends and I got to see many who I hadn't seen in a while. I even got to see some of the new Faire friends I had made while I was there which was really fun. I did lots of shopping and got some really pretty new things, cooked some really tasty food over the fire, and best of all I really felt so relaxed. Its so nice to be somewhere long enough that your brain really shuts off other thoughts like work and is just in the moment. Its a unique experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.
One night while we were sitting around the fire telling stories and enjoying the company of friends the International Space Station passed right over head! Talk about a strange experience. Here we are sitting around a fire, dressed in Viking clothes, drinking out of wooden mugs, having not used technology for a week, and bright in the sky moving along at a fast pace is the space station! It was a very surreal feeling.
The first week back from Pennsic is always a rough one. Its a difficult transition no matter how many times you have done it. I made it through as you always do and enjoyed my first weekend in 8 weeks of sleeping in my own bed at home. You remember what luxury it is to have flushing toilets, 2 ply toilet paper, and a shower with hot water and water pressure.
Since returning from Pennsic I have gotten back into learning how to throw axes, caught up on some TV shows I had missed, started reading a few books, and remembering how to relax. Sleeping in is still something that seems to evade me on the weekends, but I'm ok with this.
Its been a wonderful summer full of great things. We have one final camping weekend coming up next weekend which I am looking forward to with great delight. Although it takes no less planning it's only 40 minutes away from home which is really nice. Its a bitter sweet event since it means summer is coming to a close and the winter months aren't far behind.
I will enjoy every minute and devour the last scraps of summer like a starving hyena. If I've learned anything this summer its to truly enjoy every moment and savor every memory. They are what get you through the dark of winter. Well that and cooking. I do look forward to being able to turn on the oven in my kitchen again without sweating to death.

Thank you summer, you have been wonderful!