Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love and Family

Valentines Day seems to be a tough one for many people. Personally, I feel like we should love and appreciate those around us every day! At the same time I don't see anything wrong with a special day to remind us to say thank you to those who are important in our lives.
Love isn't just about having a romantic partner. Love is something you have for those around you. Family, friends, those people you meet who pop in and out of your life but leave behind something that changes you forever. Its days like today that help remind us to extend a special word, a gesture, to let them know they are always in our hearts.
I am an only child (which I know I have mentioned before) so the friend I have made in my journey through this life have always been more like family to me. I enjoy the company of many people, but those who are close to me mean so much. They are the people I lean on, those I turn to for advice, for comfort, to share in my joy as well as my sorrow.
I have been so blessed to have met so many people who inspire me every day. From family friends I have known since the day I was born, people who I grew up with, as well as new friends who have effected my life so deeply. I take strength from them, look up to them, and enjoy their positive radiance every day.
For every one who has touched my life I say a deepest thank you. You have helped me through dark times as well as celebrated my success. There are a few who I have shared the most intimate parts of my life, and no matter if we still speak, or if our life situations have changed, I send thanks and love your way too. For no matter who you are, you have changed and shaped me in ways I never knew possible.
May joy and light find you who I am so happy to call my "family" no matter if you are near or far. For I always think on you all, and wish you the best of everything and the strength to take on anything.

With love to you all always,

Adelle Starr

Todays inspiring image is of  a rose I received as a gift when I was working Sterling Ren Fair. Something about these rainbow roses always fills me with delight and laughter.

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