Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Lambs

I went on an adventure this past weekend to go see some 3 day old lambs on a friends farm!
A little bleary eyed Ralf and I bundled into the car and away we went! It was a lovely day for a drive with the sun making an occasional appearance and in true upstate fashion we passed through the occasional snow burst. Over and around we went down country roads and after about an hour of beautiful countryside we arrived at Galmor Farms run by our friends Robert and Gail. After a brief hello and quick tour of their awesome farm house out to the barn we went!
I have never had the chance to really be up close and interact with sheep. These were babydoll sheep (I believe) and the first thing you notice is how different they each look! They all had distinct faces and expressions. Large and wooly you just want to hug them (but they wouldn't like that)! They all had such inquisitive eyes as they sized you up as soon as they realized we weren't Mom or Dad or another member of the flock. But if you held out your hand they would wander over a give you a snuff, look at you for a moment, decide you were ok people, and then wander on but keep a watch just in case. 
Then out of no where comes a lamb! Then another! Trundling along on their spindly little legs and bleating happy noises as they wander between the group of Moms and making sure theirs hasn't gone too far. Bounding up to you they give you a snuffle and a snort and the opportunity to scoop them up for a moment. They are soft and warm and full of wrinkles waiting to be filled out. I learned that they like chin scratches much like cats! They also have adorable tufts of hair where eyebrows would be that give them the best facial expressions.
I can't wait to go back later in the spring to see them all jumping around the pasture! This is the kind of farm you wish they could all be. The husband and wife team who run it all have such care for their charges. The sheep have a lovely barn which they can come and go from as they please. They have hay for the winter and in the summer they have plenty of free range grazing and rotating fields they visit each day to find the tasty foods they prefer the most. 
What a wonderful day on the farm!

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