Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gaming Season!

Since summer is such a busy time for me I consider fall and winter gaming season. Its that time when I get to catch up on those summer games I never got to play and the fall releases that I just can't wait to get my hands on.
I found myself returning to my roots and breaking out my SNES. Mario 2 and Super Mario World are some of my favorite ways to pass an afternoon. I don't know if it takes me back to my younger years, or if its just that I know the games so well I can play and just relax while I do so, but these two games really allow me to enjoy game time without any of the pressure of needing to beat something I haven't yet.
Then of course there is always the "pile of shame". This is the pile of games you have that you haven't finished yet. Of course something new always comes out and you move on, but you always feel guilty about those games you haven't finished yet. So to dig into my pile of shame I find myself back to working on finishing Skyrim. I'm getting closer but I haven't quite beaten it yet. While I love the game its the kind of thing that I like to dig into for several hours and not just a quick gaming stint. So it waits for those particular Saturdays when I have the time to sit back and relax and really put some time into it.
Also on the pile of shame list is Portal 2. I LOOOOVE puzzle games and most people who know me are well aware of this fact. I have beaten Portal 2 before but on a different system, so of course I have to beat it again. I really like Portal 2 and while I think I like the first one just a bit more, I really love the story and diverse locations in Portal 2.
I've also gotten to try Boarderlands recently. While I really love the art style this game has only reaffirmed how horrible I really am at shooter type games. I find myself struggling to get through even the first few hours despite my best efforts. I have had a few people make some suggestions at trying a different style of character so sometime soon I'll have to take a revisit and see if I have any better luck.
I am also looking forward to the release of Lego Lord of the Rings. The Lego series always provides some good gaming fun and I can't wait to play this one with some friends! We have been waiting for its release with great anticipation all summer and the time is almost here. Although it will have to wait until I get back from Dallas as it release just a few days before I take off and I know I will be too busy to get to it right away.

On that note I'm off to get some gaming in. I think I hear some dragons in Skyrim that need defeating!

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